Without the right logistical support, it is almost impossible to control the budget and time frame of large-scale construction projects. With years of experience managing complex construction projects, both state-run and for private enterprise, we have the experience and skill to ensure your project goes according to plan.

With our well-maintained fleet and freight resources, combined with the expertise and commitment that is necessary to create strategic project logistic solutions, we are able to be there for our clients with ongoing logistics support.

As one of the most respected construction freight service providers in , you can count on us for:

  • Warehousing
  • General freight
  • Heavy hauling
  • Lead logistics

We can tailor our services for your needs and can help with everything from massive infrastructure to specialised construction projects.

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From logistical support to customised transport solutions, Advir Logistic Services has been deeply involved in the oil and gas industry in for years. We’re familiar with the complexity and unique challenges of moving energy resources and ensuring each point along the supply chain is optimised.
Advir Logistic Services oil and gas

Expect professional, dependable service for your oil and gas project needs:

  • Full life cycle support including drilling, construction and production
  • Lead logistics for a streamlined
  • Warehouse storage capabilities
  • Lead logistics and innovative solutions for coordination and transport

Equipped to offer comprehensive logistics to the industry, we’re available to ensure every facet of your project is flowing smoothly right now, and in the future as your needs evolve.


For years we’ve been supporting ’s mining companies, suppliers and contractors with logistic support and customised transport solutions. With an intimate knowledge of the harsh environments and ruggedness throughout the Northern Territory, we can deliver your materials and resources to and from your mine site on time and under budget.

With a long-standing relationship with the nation’s mining sector, you can depend on Advir Logistic Services for:

  • 24/7 support and incident resolution
  • Dependable and well-maintained heavy hauling equipment
  • Trained drivers and specialised teams
  • Lead logistics and innovative solutions for coordination and transport

Mining is a rapidly evolving industry. That’s why we are committed to continually evolve our mining and resource freight management services. It is our goal to always be able to offer efficient, reliable services our clients can count on.

Advir Logistic Services mining

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